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NRA Basic Pistol Classes

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting – $95.00

This is the National Rifle Association-affiliated course that teaches students to operate revolvers and semi-automatic handguns, gun safety, and the fundamentals of handgun shooting. The class takes approximately eight hours and is usually taught from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Students who have completed Phase 1 of the course online through the NRA can arrive to class at 1 p.m. and pay a fee of $70.00.

Topics Covered During the Class

  • Rules of gun safety
  • Safe handling of revolvers and semi-automatics
  • Ammunition selection
  • Handgun selection
  • Fundamentals of accuracy

Items to Bring to the Class

  • Revolver or semi-automatic handgun – .22 caliber or larger; up to .45 automatic
  • At least 100 rounds of new factory ammunition of the appropriate caliber for your handgun
  • Reloads or steel-cased ammunition are not allowed
  • Baseball-style cap
  • Eye protection – can be provided
  • Ear protection – over the ear is preferred and can be provided
  • Footwear that covers the entire foot – no sandals
  • Collared shirt and long pants – dress appropriately for the weather
  • Towel

You must register at least seven days in advance to attend the class. The minimum class size is four people, and classes with fewer than four people will be canceled. Contact us for dates and times of scheduled classes.

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